Jul 22 2010

This looks like WAY too much fun

Yesterday as I was walking home from the train station, I came upon a group of people zipping around Drottningtorget on Segways.

 Flock of Segways

I had seen a flock of Segways on the streets on Malmö once before but assumed it was some kind of specially arranged corporate event…possibly for a company that sells the things. But this was clearly a lot more casual than that, and it got me to wondering if perhaps a Segway adventure was something that was available to John Q. Public as well.

So I jumped on The Google today and found Segway Event Now, and while I don't really need a guided tour of Malmö, I am really jonesing to try a Segway. Now I just need to convince Dr. Darling that it's worth 400 SEK (about $55) an hour.

Wish me luck.

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