Aug 02 2010

Maybe the bitching helped?

I have NO IDEA how it happened, but the ultra-annoying, no way to de-activate "Network Lost" notification that turned up on my iPhone 3GS with the installation iOS4 earlier this summer has suddenly disappeared.

I haven't changed any settings on the device, nor have there been any software updates from Apple recently. But sometime between last Friday when I complained about it in this entry and today, it stopped popping up and interrupting whatever else I was doing at the time. (Usually watching Countdown or Rachel Maddow Show podcasts on my train commute to/from work.)

Now I suppose it's possible that my network has expanded VERY recently or juiced up their coverage in some way, but I watched the the bars very carefully on the trip home tonight and they still disappeared pretty regularly between Landskrona and Malmö, as usual. The only difference is that this didn't trigger the notification.

So if I haven't change any of my iPhone's settings, and Apple hasn't updated the software, and my provider hasn't expanded the network, there's really only one other explanation for why this problem is suddenly solved:


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