Aug 05 2010

A startling sign of aging

The Swede and I went to the Kallbadhus for an evening sauna and swim tonight. Partly because the weather was so nice and party because our clipcard had two remaining clips on it and was about to expire.

The atmosphere was significantly different than the last time we visited. For one thing, there weren’t very many people there, probably because it wasn’t especially hot and it was essentially dinner-time. So we decided to take advantage of all the free deck-space with a little naked sun-bathing before hitting the sauna.

I was semi-dozing and enjoying the warm breeze when the following conversation ensued:

Dr. Darling: Honey, this is a tragedy. I found my first gray hair.

Shazzer: It’s about time. I’ve been finding them since college.

Dr. Darling: I guess I should be glad it didn’t turn up until I was 35.

Shazzer: No kidding. Besides, you’re blonde and have been out in the sun all summer. Quite frankly I’m surprised you could even see it.

Dr. Darling: I didn’t say it was on my head.


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