Aug 09 2010

Do I really need my inner thighs for this?!

I did something mysterious to the ligaments in my left knee during our Easter trip to London (I strongly suspect schlepping up and down the 5-stories of stairs of Fawlty Towers had something to do with it).

As with any injury involving connective tissue, it’s taken its sweet time to heal, and I’ve been treating it very gingerly in the meantime. This includes avoiding all weight machines at the gym that put stress on the knees, especially those that require any kind of lateral motion.

This weekend the knee was finally feeling good enough for me to start working a few of the leg machines back into my routine, and I happily strapped myself into both the abductor and adductor machines for three sets of moderate weight. While I could certainly tell I had not worked those particular muscles in quite awhile, it felt great to do so and I took it somewhat easy not wanting to put any more stress on the left leg than my still-recovering knee could handle.

Turns out the knee was the least of my worries. When I got up Sunday morning I had that nice twinge of soreness that lets you know you’ve done something, but is otherwise comfortable. When I got up this morning my first thought was, “Since when are my inner thigh muscles involved in the movement required to get out of bed?!

In the hours since I half-rolled, half-flopped out of the sack, I’ve discovered all kinds of other mundane, every day activities that utilize the inner thigh muscles. Which means I definitely won’t be doing any of the stimulating or fun activities that involve them, either.

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