Aug 22 2010

Mysteriously multiplying underpants

As was extensively reported here a few months back, Dr. Darling is on a bit of a “commando” kick. What started out as an effort to isolate the cause of an unexplained rash has turned into a lifestyle choice, with the Swede eschewing underpants when at home.

Based on this information, one might reasonably conclude that there are occasionally days (on weekends, for instance) when Dr. Darling never even puts a pair on. Which is why I was a little bit surprised by the volume of bikini briefs in the wash this weekend.

“How is that it’s been nine days since we did laundry last, but there were 12 pairs of your undies in the wash this morning?”

“It’s a mystrium.”*

“Seriously, I know there are days when you don’t ever put any on. The math just doesn’t work.”

“Well, sometimes I only need to wear a pair for a couple of hours, like when we go out somewhere.”

“Yeah. So how does that account for more underpants than days?”

“Because sometimes we go out more than once a day.”

“Are saying that you don’t put the same pair back on even if you’ve only worn them for a couple of hours earlier in the day?”

“Of course not. They’ve been on the floor.”

I guess that’s a better answer than the last time I questioned the number of pairs of underwear in the wash.

*Mysterium is the Swedish word for “mystery.”

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