Aug 26 2010

How do drug addicts do it?

I came away from a recent doctor’s visit for a sinus infection with no less than three kinds of medicine and a series of instructions for taking them so complicated that I had to set four different daily alarms in my iPhone just to stay on schedule.

The first drug is an antibiotic to be taken once a day with food, but NOT dairy as that could decrease its efficacy. Simple enough.

The second one is a nasal spray that I need to shake vigorously before giving myself two squirts in each nostril once a day. Ideally this should happen as soon as I get up … though I quickly learned that I need to drink my morning coffee beforehand or skip it altogether … which is not really an option, despite the warning about the third medicine.

Drug No. 3 is a high-powered antihistamine/decongestant taken twice a day (preferably at 12-hour intervals), but I’m supposed to avoid combining it with caffeine … particularly in the evening as it could cause sleeplessness. A further potential side-effect is extreme sun-sensitivity, so I need to avoid direct sunlight because I’m likely to burn very easily while taking it.

So for the next week or so, I’ll be holed up indoors, under-caffeinated and yet poorly-rested.

Maybe having a sinus infection wasn’t so bad after all.


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