Aug 31 2010

Blog-City is closing shop, who wants to join me at Posterous?

I got an e-mail from my blog host back at the beginning of the month saying that the company was moving on to other projects and would be discontinuing support of its blogging services at the end of next year. Naturally, this was disappointing news, but I do give my long-time friends at Blog-City due credit for giving their customers a full 18-months notice, which gives us all plenty of time to relocate to another platform.

The problem is deciding which one. There are a number of factors to consider…the first being "ease of import." Right now I can only get my nearly six years worth of entries out of my current blog via simple HTML or RSS v.2, so the new service has to be able to import entries in those formats. Needless to say, this narrows my choices down considerably. Blog-City Support has indicated that they are working on a special solution for folks who want to move to WordPress or Google's Blogger service, but I'm not completely sold on either of those platforms.

WordPress has a notoriously steep learning curve, though I do have a pal who is extremely knowledgeable about the Thesis theme and I may be able to bribe him into helping me out should I decide to go that route. Blogger, on the other hand, is quite simple and straightforward to work with and would be a really quick and dirty fix, but the sheer volume of my existing entries would quickly exceed their space limit.

The platform I would really like to move to is Posterous, which is currently hosting one my tumble-logs at http://thevikingdiaries.com for free.  It's main hook is the ease of posting virtually any kind of media…all by e-mail if you wish, which is perfect for blogging remotely, like via an iPhone, for instance.

Ironically enough, Posterous is in the midst of an aggressive campaign to get bloggers to switch to them by creating special import tools for specific platforms, but Blog-City is not yet on their list of supported services. I have given their team a heads-up on the fact that a huge, long-standing community of bloggers will soon be homeless, but they won't commit resources to building a customized importer until they have a critical mass of requests for it…which is completely reasonable.

So a very helpful member of Posterous Support has advised me to rally as many blog-city folks as possible into making a specific request for help moving to their platform, which can be done by using this link:


In addition spreading the word here, I'm going to comment on as many blog-city blogs as I can find, encouraging folks to put in a request. It costs nothing and could make a lot of our lives MUCH easier.

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