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Sep 30 2010

I’m a bad m¤ther-bl#gger!

Apologies for somewhat falling off the face of the earth for the last week or so. Dr. Darling and I took on a freelance project for the London-based travel guide publisher we occasionally work for, and that’s taken up the bulk of my online time since returning from Stockholm mid-month. Plus I’ve been having some …

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Sep 25 2010

Talent like this scares me…

…and pretty much forces me to believe in God. I’ve always loved the original Owl City version of this tune (Fireflies), but this Yale student eclipses it by taking on a lot of the synthesized parts a cappella. He became something of a YouTube sensation last year for a Michael Jackson medley he did in …

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Sep 24 2010

Mrs. Malaprop is “in the house”

Dr. Darling: Ouch! Shazzer: Sorry Sweetie. Dr. D: Why do you always have to hurt me? Shazzer: Because I'm a klutz. I don't do it on purpose, unlike someone else I know. Dr. Darling: Hey, I'm always "Yentl" with you. Shazzer: That may be, but you do seem to take perverse pleasure in causing me …

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Sep 17 2010

Survived Stockholm, and its sense of style


I spent most of the past week up in Stockholm working a big corporate management event for my company. It was held at a large, modern hotel in the center of the city that specializes in hosting conferences and can accommodate multiple large groups at the same time, which was the case while we were …

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Sep 15 2010

Why Elections Matter

Here's an excellent graphic illustrating how different income groups have fared under Republican and Democratic presidents from 1948 to 2005. I think it will be very surprising to those who think GOP presidents are "better" for personal incomes. Even the super-rich do better under Democrats. Lot's of really startling information here, too. The United States …

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Sep 11 2010

Staggering up to Stockholm

I’m tapping out this entry in the Awesome Note application on my iPhone because the WiFi access included in my 1st Class ticket aboard the X2000 “fast train” is not working in this particular car. And it also appears that Skånetrafiken does not have a corner on the “late train” market because we are currently …

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Sep 11 2010

Unavoidable Anniversary

It's been pretty much impossible to avoid 9/11 commemorative and memorial programs on TV this past week, and if that's the case here in Sweden, I can't imagine what it's like back home in the U.S. I've been trying to steer clear of them because nine years on, images from that day still upset me. …

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