Sep 05 2010

Sunny Saturday photo tour

Today was one of those incredibly beautiful early fall days that just begs you to be outdoors soaking up as much of the light and warmth of the sun as possible. So Dr. Darling  loaded up a couple of bike bags with our trusty tarp, camera gear, extra jackets (but stupidly, no coffee) and headed out to some of our favorite spots, starting with a memory lane tour of our old neighborhood on the way to Limhamn's Small Boat Harbor.

After hitting the harbor grill for lunch, we pedalled out to the nature area behind the Öresund Bridge, which offers a spectacuar view of both the bridge and the Öresund below. We rode our bikes up to the highest point and Dr. Darling set up her tripod to experimented with the long-exposire settings on her camera while I lounged around in the sun and lamented that we had only talked about bringing coffee but hadn't actually done so. It would have been a perfect fika spot.

Eventually I did snap a couple shots with my iPhone, though the sun was so bright it was difficult to see exactly what I had in the frame. This shot from behind the silver tower sculpture at the top of the ridge we were on gives some idea of the view. (I was trying to be artsy.)

From here we pedalled back toward town, by this time DESPERATE for some caffeine, and had fika at Dockan before rendezvousing with our friends Nicci and Simon for cocktails at the Penthouse Nordic. All in all, a lovely start to a long weekend.

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