Sep 06 2010

Long-distance holiday weekend

It's Labor Day Weekend in the United States, and thanks to an accident of scheduling, I happen to be off today, too. Dr. Darling's current gig with Post Denmark has her working every other Saturday, with the weekends when she's not working being three-day affairs.

We figured out fairly quickly that this schedule looks a lot better on paper than it actually plays out in real life. Because delivering mail on a bike is a fairly physical job, the Swede needs at least one day of the weekend just to rest and recover. So the weekends when she works on Saturday are pretty much a wash in terms of us doing very much or going anywhere. The few times we've tried (a family gathering in Halmstad and a friend's birthday dinner) took such a toll on our delicately balanced body clocks that we've vowed never to commit to anything on her work Saturdays ever again.

Because Dr. Darling was initially hired as summer help and then invited to stay on until the end of the year, she didn't get any summer holiday time off, which made it pointless for me to take any either. Instead I've been taking the Mondays she has off as vacation days, and today happens to be one of them. But we spent most of it running errands that had to be done on a regular weekday, like submitting the documentation for renewing my Swedish passport and getting some labwork done Malmö University Hospital.

Speaking of that, it seems Monday is a really bad day to visit the lab. They were so busy that they had two extra techs set up in an room in the basement of the building, where patients had to wait in a hallway with too few chairs for the number of folks in the queue. Even worse, the waiting area was directly under a restroom and I got to hear every flush for 30 minutes while waiting for my turn to get poked. Fun.

At least I got to share the joy with the Swede, who usually isn't with me for this particular chore. About 20 minutes into the wait I felt guilty about being able to entertain myself with my iPhone, so I handed it to Dr. Darling with a game of Bejeweled 2 already in progress. She proceeded to eclipse my high score by over 40,000 points.  I hate her.

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