Sep 24 2010

Mrs. Malaprop is “in the house”

Dr. Darling: Ouch!

Shazzer: Sorry Sweetie.

Dr. D: Why do you always have to hurt me?

Shazzer: Because I'm a klutz. I don't do it on purpose, unlike someone else I know.

Dr. Darling: Hey, I'm always "Yentl" with you.

Shazzer: That may be, but you do seem to take perverse pleasure in causing me pain. You get positively giddy whenever I have a splinter.

Dr. Darling: That's true. Maybe I'm into SMS.

Shazzer: Are you kidding? I had to bribe you to carry a mobile phone, and when you do send a text, it's usually a single word. You are so NOT into SMS.

Dr. Darling: I got the letters turned around, didn't I?

Shazzer: Definitely. But I'm willing to try straightening them out with you later.

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