Sep 30 2010

I’m a bad m¤ther-bl#gger!

Apologies for somewhat falling off the face of the earth for the last week or so. Dr. Darling and I took on a freelance project for the London-based travel guide publisher we occasionally work for, and that’s taken up the bulk of my online time since returning from Stockholm mid-month.

Plus I’ve been having some scary issues with my left eye (scary because it’s the only eye I’ve got) lately that have made it difficult to stare at a computer screen for any length of time…and since I have no choice about doing so at work, I’ve kind of been avoiding it at home. (Which made the timing of the freelance project *especially* bad.)

Adding to the drama was the fact that I had to do some pushing and hoop-jumping just to see an eye doctor. Turns out my usual eye doc (who was head of the eye clinic at the university hospital) recently retired. Her departure, combined with other staff shortages, made the waiting time for an appointment there as much as three months, and given my history, there was no way I was going to wait that long.

So I got a referral to a private clinic about a week and a-half ago and saw a doctor today, who pronounced my lone-eye perfectly healthy with the exception of a mild case of conjunctivitis…which he believed had started because of a bacterial build-up on my prosthetic. I *should* have been called for a refitting and “curing” of it in the spring, but that didn’t happen for some reason.

Turns out this cleaning that my prosthetician is supposed to do annually is more important than I realized. Evidently warm, soapy water only gets you so far when it comes to killing off bacteria, which…according to my new eye doctor…really thrive on the acrylic material the fake eye is made from.  The annual curing is really important to keep it bacteria-free and I missed it this year…which probably explains why this is the first time I’ve ever had this problem.

So now I get to put antibiotic drops in both eye and naked eye-socket five times a day for 10 days…making this the perfect time to kick-start my diet since I can taste every drop and it’s not exactly pleasant. The doctor also gave me some antibiotic salve to slather all over the prosthetic until I can get an appointment to have it properly cleaned and cured.

In the meantime, I’m going pirate, which gives me an excellent opportunity to show off my extensive collection of custom-made eye-patches. (Thanks Mom!)

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