Monthly Archive: November 2010

Nov 22 2010

Howdy from the Heartland

Where it is an unsettling 69 degrees (21C) and very windy. We don’t have any of the right clothes for this kind of weather! The flight to Chicago was long with several bouts of turbulence, one of which was violent enough that the entire flight crew had to be buckled in for what felt like …

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Nov 21 2010

Getting ready to run the gauntlet…

…that is transatlantic air travel. Dr. Darling and I depart for our Thanksgiving “vacation” in the US in a few hours.  I put quotes around the word vacation because it’s hardly going to qualify as restful or relaxing. Due to assorted family commitments and the Swede’s desire to see some other parts of America besides …

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Nov 16 2010

Have Mercy, Mr. Shue!

It's been driving me crazy that Glee seems to be in hiatus here in Sweden (and as with all Swedish TV programming decisions…NOBODY UNDERSTANDS WHY), and images like this one from the December issue of Details magazine are not helping!!!

Nov 14 2010

Even Sweden’s garbage dumps are hyper-organized

While it’s not quite as bad as Germany, Sweden has some pretty strict rules for how garbage is to be disposed. In addition to encouraging aggressive recycling of paper, cardboard, hard plastic, metal and glass, there’s a ton of stuff that the guys on the municipal sanitation trucks will not take. (Pretty much anything bigger …

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Nov 12 2010

Overdue gratuitous Angelina shot

Just in time for the holidays, the lovely Angelina Jolie on the cover of the December issue of Vogue.   It's been 4 months since I last post a gratuitous image of the only woman I'd ever leave Dr. Darling for…what can I say? I've been busy! Is it just me, or is she getting …

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Nov 09 2010

New Rule: Don’t pretend the insanity is equally distributed in both parties

Hang tight until he gets to the part about the Stewart/Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear. Hammer, meet nail head.

Nov 07 2010

Best foot forward

The stunner at the center of this picture (a portfolio shot from a photography studio in my hometown) is my lovely and talented niece, Claire, who turned 15 the day after the midterm election. (Reflecting on the anniversary of her arrival in my life was DEFINITELY the highlight of that particular day.)  Claire was a …

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