Nov 06 2010

Is there a support group for pack rats?

The combination of our radiators needing to be flushed by building maintenance and my stupidly volunteering to host my department for an off-site work day recently forced Dr. Darling and I into doing something a bit more than the usual cursory tidy of our apartment. This was a project that was WAY overdue.

While we're pretty good about keeping the kitchen and the bathroom up to scratch, we both have a fairly high tolerance for clutter and have no trouble finding things we'd rather be doing than housework. (You might even say we have a talent for avoiding it.) Consequently, The Penthouse Nordic rarely looks super tidy unless we're expecting guests, and even then we have a habit of stashing stuff we don't feel like dealing with at the moment in either the walk-in closet or the office/guest bedroom…so looks can be deceiving.

But even the walk-in closet and the office/guest bedroom can't be ignored when we've got overnight company coming, and both our Moms will be heading this way for Christmas this year. So as long as we had to get ready for the radiator flush and my colleagues spending a day working at our dining room table, we decided to tackle them as well.

Holy crap can we ever accumulate junk. Based on the number of trips we've made to the garbage and/or recycling dumpsters so far, it appears that the Swede is incapable of throwing away any kind of cardboard box, and I cannot bear to part with a single tiny bottle of generic hotel body wash, shampoo or lotion. It was so ridiculous (as the Swede helpfully pointed out, "You don't even use body lotion.") that it's almost embarrassing for me to even blog about it. (Note that I said "almost.")

The massive collection of miniature personal care items was duly pitched in the trash…but a lot of the Dr. Darling's beloved boxes are still in the office/guest bedroom, primarily because the cardboard recycling dumpster for use by our entire building is not large enough to handled all of them. So we're taking them down in staggered batches in the hopes that The Penthouse Nordic will be empty-cardboard-box-fee before we head to the US for Thanksgiving.

It's good to have a dream.

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