Nov 21 2010

Getting ready to run the gauntlet…

…that is transatlantic air travel.

Dr. Darling and I depart for our Thanksgiving “vacation” in the US in a few hours.  I put quotes around the word vacation because it’s hardly going to qualify as restful or relaxing.

Due to assorted family commitments and the Swede’s desire to see some other parts of America besides the corridor of farmland between northwest Indiana and northeast Ohio, this trip will be a whirlwind tour involving multiple locations/roadtrips in a very short period of time. But it will also involve lots of fantastic family time, some amazing food, and possibly a bit of groping by TSA officials in either Chicago or New York!

So, my next entry will be posted from my Mom’s house in The Heartland. Those who don’t want to wait that long (and you know who you are) can follow my Twitter feed here: http://twitter.com/shazzer

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