Dec 05 2010

Home safe in snowy Sweden

The Swede and I are back in Vikingland after a whirlwind Thanksgiving trip to the US.  We spent about four days in my hometown in northwestern Indiana, four days with extended US family in northeast Ohio, and four days with two of my best friends in New York City. (NYC photos are trickling in to my Flickr photostream as I type this. Be patient with me, I'm jetlagging HARD.)

We arrived in Malmö to about 5 inches of snow, and because it has been around for at least a week…it's not exactly pretty. And we sure as hell didn't want to drag our suitcases through the grey slush, so we sprang for a cab to take us right to the door of The Penthouse Nordic.

Swinging through The Big Apple on the way home was a fantastic experience, but Dr. Darling and I have decided that flying to Copenhagen from Newark is a bit more grueling than flying there from Chicago. The SAS flight from the Windy City is a true "Red Eye"  that leaves at 10 p.m. This means the crew feeds and waters you almost immediately after reaching cruising altitude, and the lights are lowered not long after that. Those who are able to sleep on planes can get five hours of zzzz's if they're really committed. The flight arrives at Kastrup in the early afternoon, so by the time we get home we only have about eight hours to endure before we can crawl into our own bed (in this case for the first time in about two weeks.)  

The SAS flight from Newark, on the other hand, departs at 5:30 p.m., so you fly for awhile before dinner is served, and as it's still relatively early when that's finished, the lights aren't turned out until a couple hours afterward. Now I know you're thinking "pack a sleep mask, idiot." But with the cabin lighting comes all kinds of other activity that can also disturb. We had far less time to sleep, and since we arrived in Copenhagen at 7 a.m. local time, we had (to try at least) to stay up A FULL DAY in order to get our body clocks on their way back to something close to normal. It was NOT pretty. In fact, we actually ended up dozing most of the morning (a major no-no according to all common wisdom on combatting jetlag)

Not surprisingly, we were both wide-awake at 5:00 this morning. But on the bright side, it did allow us to get an early start on the laundry. And because we spent so much of the trip "on the road" rather than at my Mom's house with handy access to a washer and dryer, there was a LOT of laundry to do. That chore, plus a trip to the grocery store was about all we could manage to get done today. Unless you count this blog entry…the first to be written on my new 11-inch MacBook Airthe most predictable impulse-buy in my life.

You try resisting the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York (AKA Mac Geek Mecca)! I had NO choice. Seriously.

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