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Jan 30 2011

Cupid arrives early!

Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts

Look what he delivered from the US this week! Along with a much-needed pair of kitchen scissors. (An odd combo, I know…but it totally works in this case. I’ve never had a Reese’s Heart before, but I’m expecting them to rival the other holiday versions of Reese’s (Eggs, Pumpkins and Trees), which I actually prefer …

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Jan 27 2011

Grilled cheese goes high-brow and alcoholic

via   Behold the grilled cheese and tomato soup martini.   From the article: "Shawn Soole, a crack bartender from Brisbane, Australia, transcends these trappings with a dedication to innovation and craft, most notably with his Cold Night In, an original creation that fuses childhood comfort food and molecular mixology. The result is what …

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Jan 26 2011

Compassion between factions in Egypt

via I find this image of a protester kissing a police officer in riot gear incredibly moving.

Jan 23 2011

Comfort food, personified

I’m guessing it’s kind of a winter thing, perhaps mixed with a bit of the normal let-down following the holidays, but lately I’ve noticed a trend among my fellow America ex-pat friends. With startling regularity, via their blogs or Facebook or Twitter, I’m seeing mentions of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for supper. This …

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Jan 20 2011

Equal opportunity gratuity: from Rafael Nadal’s Armani underwear campaign

You're welcome.

Jan 17 2011

“She’s tidied up, and I can’t find anything!”


A regular consequence of a long visit from my mother is that for several weeks after she leaves, I have trouble finding things in my kitchen. Not because my Mom has sticky fingers, but because she doesn’t always put things away in the places where I expect to find them. This is completely understandable given …

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Jan 14 2011

Forget the wizard…I just want it delivered.

Just last night, I was lamenting the fact that pizza delivery is not commonly offered by restaurants in Sweden. Because not only was I too tired to cook, I was too tired to even go pick a pizza up. This in spite of the fact that we have at least four pizzerias within easy walking …

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