Jan 01 2011

I’d resent having to work on New Year’s Day, too.

I don't generally cross-post stuff from my tumblelogs (yes, that word is intentionally plural. I have two of them: The Viking Diaries and ShazzerSurfing). But the Mothership and I happened to be right outside Malmö's Central Rail Station just before 11:00 this morning when a (fortunately empty) passenger train got away from a rail-yard worker and crashed rather violently after over shooting the end of the platform. The driver had to be lifted out of the engine's window, but he was walking and talking to firefighters afterward.

x2000 crash at Malmö C on New Year's Day

This got my journalist juices flowing, a career from my previous (as in US) life that had me working many a New Year's Day without anything nearly as dramatic as this happening. I managed to post the above image shortly after 11 a.m., and based on the number of hits to that particular entry…I think it may have been one of the first images of the crash on the internet.

Dr. Darling was inside the station buying our tickets for a day trip to Falkenberg and heard the crash, but like most people nearby, wasn't particularly alarmed by the Big Bang since the recently expanded facility has basically been a construction zone for the last five years. It took several minutes for anyone to realize what had happened. Of course the station was also practically empty at the time since most Swedes were at home nursing hangovers at that hour of the day.

I'm just glad the driver wasn't badly injured, and that the incident didn't make our departure on a different train from another part of the station too late. Skånetrafiken doesn't need any extra help in that regard.

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