Jan 17 2011

“She’s tidied up, and I can’t find anything!”

A regular consequence of a long visit from my mother is that for several weeks after she leaves, I have trouble finding things in my kitchen. Not because my Mom has sticky fingers, but because she doesn’t always put things away in the places where I expect to find them. This is completely understandable given that she did not set up Malmö’s Ugliest Kitchen as she has the kitchens of about 80% of the all of the houses/apartments I’ve ever lived in.

This time, however, a key kitchen utensil went missing while she was still on the premises. Our lone spatula (“lone” because I accidently melted the other one a while back), which had been used numerous times up until that point, suddenly disappeared into thin air. So naturally, “spatula” (or as the Brits call it, “scraper”) ended up on the list for the obligatory Mom’s Visiting IKEA Run.

Remarkably though, there must have been a run on them in Malmö over the holidays because IKEA was completely out of the standard variety. Which is how I ended up with these babies:

IKEA Stubborn Spatulas

 Ironically, “Envis” is Swedish for “stubborn.”


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