Feb 05 2011

How are you celebrating World Nutella Day?

With a lawsuit perhaps?

Too late!  A California woman — who is evidently incapable of reading the list of ingredients on the back of the jar — beat you to it!

She’s suing the makers of Nutella for false advertising after being “shocked to find out it wasn’t a healthy, nutritious food.” Evidently there’s a TV ad in the US that touts the famously delicious Italian hazelnut chocolate spread as being helpful in getting kids to eat more whole-grain bread. This sounds like a reasonable claim to me given that I know people who would eat an old shingle off a barn roof if it had enough Nutella spread on it.

That being said, the Swede and I actually prefer Choco Duo, which is basically the German version of Nutella swirled with milk creme so that it’s slightly less sweet and looks like a jar of zebra.

And because we can buy it at Lidl (one of the few items actually worth navigating a Lidl for), it’s considerably less expensive than Nutella. Vive la différence!

Oh wait a minute, that’s French.

Never mind.

Feed my ego!

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