Feb 12 2011

In the Scone Zone

Copenhagen‘s only Ph.D mail-carrier works every other Saturday, which kind of sucks. But I try to make the most of the time on my own by doing a few chores (laundry, mostly), making fried eggs over-easy for breakfast (the Swede can’t even watch me eat them) and over-dosing on history programs via The Discovery Channel (my favorite subject in school was one of Dr. Darling‘s least-liked).

Fortunately it tends to be a relatively short work-day, and this afternoon I got the “On the train now!” text message around 1:30 p.m. I replied with “Hurray! I was thinking about baking scones for fika. You interested?” and was confident of a quick and positive response. (The Swede loves pretty much anything home-baked.)

So I was kind of surprised when the reply didn’t come until almost an hour later, and frankly just plain shocked when it turned out to be a single word. “No.”

Who was this person and why did he/she have Dr. Darling‘s phone? (Not to mention the fact that the scones were already in the oven.)

All was explained a few moments later when the Swede walked through the door carrying a half-dozen scones from Lagkagehuset, my favorite bakery in Copenhagen. WOOT! Full disclosure: it’s my favorite bakery *because* of these scones. I’ve never purchased anything else there. Their scones are THAT good.

We’ll be having the ones I baked for fika tomorrow, and we’ll try not to be too let down by them.


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