Feb 25 2011

Not exactly the kind of meat for which the thermometer was intended


Danish Red Hotdogs are generally a summer meal here at The Penthouse Nordic…served up on fresh buns and garnished with spicy ketchup, brown mustard, crispy french-fried onions and sweet pickle slices. But somehow, a package of Danske Røde Pølser ended up in our shopping basket last week and we decided to pair them with baked potatoes for a quick and easy winter version tonight.

The key to preparing Danish Red Hotdogs is cooking them in water that’s hot enough to warm them all the way through (they come pre-cooked), but not so hot that it splits the red skin…resulting in a very soggy dog. The directions on the package call for bringing lightly salted water to a boil, then reducing the temperature before dropping the links in for five to 10 minutes, but we’ve had mixed results with this method. Which is why Dr. Darling, in typical meticulous Swede fashion, decided to inject a little precision into the process with our meat thermometer.

For future reference, the perfect temperature for cooking Danish Red Hotdogs appears to be 80 celsius.

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