Mar 12 2011

Oh Cap’n, my Cap’n!

Over the past few days I’ve spent way more time than I like to admit trying to figure out how to import large quantities of Cap’n Crunch cereal to Sweden. That’s because like most of the interwebs, I got sucked into the rumor that Quaker Oats was discontinuing one of my favorite American treats, which started with this article at the Daily Finance website. Inaccurate interpretations (or just poor reading comprehension skills) caused the subject to go viral and eventually the Cap’n himself had to address the issue on www.capncrunch.com.

But thankfully, reports of the Cap’n’s (geez, that word looks ugly) demise were heavily exaggerated. With a little research it became clear that Pepsico had just stopped marketing the gum-shredding, sugary delight directly to children…which is probably a good thing. However, I do think one of the reasons I love the stuff so much is that it (and every other pre-sugared cereal on the market) was strictly verboten in our house when I was a kid.

So naturally I AWAYS had it in my house as an adult, though I like to munch on it dry as a snack rather than in a bowl with milk for breakfast. But it’s not available in Sweden, so a box of Cap’n Crunch is generally the price American visitors pay to stay at The Penthouse Nordic. (Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is also acceptable currency.)

So, Cap’n Crunch Crisis Averted! But just to be safe, I’m following the seafarer on Twitter so I can keep better track of him.

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