Apr 20 2011

Big behind-the-scenes doings at ShazzerSpeak

Regular readers of ShazzerSpeak have probably noticed that it’s been a little slow around here lately…which is especially unusual for a short holiday week. I claim the usual excuse; that work has been a bit crazy lately, leaving me much less willing to spend time in front of a computer screen when I get home. Plus the weather has been beautiful (FINALLY!) for the last couple days and I’ve taken every opportunity to be out in it.

But I have been cuddled up to my MacBook quite a few evenings this week and actually working on the blog. It’s just that I’ve been working on it over at WordPress.org. Last summer Blog-City notified its users that they had decided to take their business in a different direction and would be phasing out support for (and development of) their blogging platform at the end of this year. Naturally I was disappointed to hear this, but at least they gave us plenty of time to relocate.

My initial plan was to go to Posterous where my tumblelog The Viking Diaries is hosted. Posterous was in the midst of a campaign to get bloggers on older, clunkier platforms to switch over and were busily building special import tools to help make it easy to move. Unfortunately a Blog-City importer was not on their radar screen at the time, so I contacted them and told them that there was a huge community of bloggers that would be homeless by the end of 2011. Nearly 8 months later, they don’t seem to be any closer to offering one…so when my tech-savvy cousin and WordPress fanboi cousin volunteered to help set me up on that platform, I decided to take the plunge.

Unfortunately the export data from Blog-City did not want to play nice with WordPress and it I think it turned out to be a little bigger job than he expected. But I got word last weekend that he finally had a file that would deliver MOST of the data from all six years worth of entries into WordPress…so I’ve been busy setting up my webhosting and connecting it to my long-owned but generally under-utilized ShazzerSpeak.com domain. Later this week I’ll cross my fingers and do the import into WP…and if all goes well I should be officially relocated sometime over the weekend.

I’ll let you know when it’s official.

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