Apr 23 2011

“Bunnysuits” for Big People

My family has always referred to blanket sleepers (AKA one-piece footed pajamas for infants and toddlers) as “bunnysuits”. I’m pretty sure the name was coined when my brother was a baby, and his first blanket sleeper happened to have a bunny on it. (Probably a hand-me-down from one of his three older sisters.)

I remember being kind of envious of his “bunnysuits” at the time. I was nearly 8-years-old when he was born and was well beyond the age when this kind of sleepwear was appropriate.  (Plus I’m guessing it wasn’t especially easy to get in and out of when going to the bathroom, for instance.)

Since moving to Sweden, where the winters are long and coziness is critical, I’ve often thought of how comfy it would be to have an adult version of a “bunnysuit” for lounging around The Penthouse Nordic.  And clearly I’m not alone, because just last week, a twitter pal of mine in Holland mentioned that she was getting a “OnePiece” for her upcoming birthday. My dream!

I’d never heard of them, but followed the link she sent to the “OnePiece UK” website so I could work myself up into a proper state of envy.

So imagine my surprise when I was walking down one of Malmö’s main shopping streets late Thursday afternoon and came across this HUGE window display!  I can get one right here in town!!!

OnePiece in Malmö!

Of course it’s completely the wrong season at the moment…but that’s probably a good thing since I’ll need to start socking away cash now if I want to be able to afford one by fall.  Evidently people who want to wear quirky loungewear are expected to have hundreds of dollars to spend on what is essentially just a colorful hoodie with legs. Ouch.



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