Apr 24 2011

Welcome to the new and improved ShazzerSpeak!

Today ShazzerSpeak bids a fond farewell to its longtime hosting service Blog-City.com and starts to play with the Big Boys at WordPress.org. It’s a somewhat complicated change for me on the back-end but hopefully a very simple one for readers (just a matter of removing the “blog-city” part from the URL you usually use to access the blog).  If you’re reading this now you probably made an effort to find me and I really appreciate it.

I’ve actually been thinking about moving ShazzerSpeak to a self-hosted solution on its own domain for a couple of years now, but between my basic laziness and Dr. Darling‘s general discomfort with my blogging hobby when it was free, I just hadn’t gotten around to pulling the trigger. But then my friends at Blog-City decided it was time to take their business in another direction, which was just the push I needed to leave the nest.

I’ve still got a few housekeeping things to do (WordPress initially converted all of my tags to categories and then didn’t import my categories at all), but otherwise it’s back to blogging business as usual.  So update your bookmarks, RSS feed or link blog to http://shazzerspeak.com, or just plug your e-mail address into the subscription box in the sidebar to get updates delivered to your inbox.

Onward and upward!

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