Apr 29 2011

I’m not entirely sure Wills married the right Middleton

I have been so “tuned out” of the Royal Wedding hoopla that I didn’t even realize until LAST NIGHT that the ceremony was happening TODAY instead of Saturday. This both shocked and disappointed my friends who know that I sent Charles & Diana a wedding gift in the summer of 1981. (I wanted a thank you note from Buckingham Palace and by jove, I got one!)

Not that there’s anything wrong with getting married on a Friday…it just didn’t occur to me that an event of such (alleged) global interest would be held on a day when the most of the rest of the world would be at work or school. So like most people outside of the UK (where I understand it is an actual holiday), I flaunted my company’s streaming media policy and watched in online at the office.

And since I haven’t really been paying all that much attention to begin with, I had no idea who the stunning creature was arriving at Westminster Abbey with the flower girls and pageboys. Turns out it was the bride’s sister and I wasn’t the only one who wondered who she was and where she’d been all my life. Pippa Middleton has been a trending topic on the interwebs ever since she first stepped out of the car.



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  1. Nicci

    meh. I don’t really see what all the hubbub is about.

  2. Shazzer

    Seriously? Her dress is KILLER. It’s the one the bride should have worn!

  3. KLMcQ

    My grandparents got married on a Tuesday (July 3, 1911) because you could get a horse and carriage for a better price on a weekday than on the weekend. Guess Kate and Wills had the same idea. Of course, they forgot it was the day before Independence Day (US) and the firecracker scared the horse.

    1. Shazzer

      Yes, I’m sure finances played a role…especially in these tough economic times! (So glad to see you here at the new URL, Special K!)

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