May 09 2011

The York princesses’ horrible hats explained

At this point, I’m getting a little tired of all the post-Royal Wedding analysis on the web, the exception being the reaction to the wacky ladies head decorations (I don’t think it’s accurate to call them “hats”) on display in Westminster Abbey.

The blogosphere has rightly and hilariously singled out Prince Andrew’s daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York, for special ridicule. There are lots of theories floating around for why the groom’s cousins would choose to wear such ugly headgear on international television (let alone in a church), and one of the more interesting ones is known as “The Revenge of Fergie.”

It goes like this: Sarah Ferguson, the black sheep ex-wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and the girls’ mother, purposely put them in the most ridiculous hats possible in retaliation for not being invited to the wedding. I initially scoffed at the idea, until I realized that both of the York daughters were seated directly behind The Queen during the service. This means that pretty much any photograph taken of HRH Elizabeth Regina in the Abbey during the ceremony would include the monstrosities perched on her granddaughters’ heads.


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  1. Nicci

    Yeah, it is genius, too bad that genius was used for headache inducing, retinal shattering evil.

  2. Lotta

    Apparently they’re called “fascinators”.

    1. Shazzer

      I think it’s a play on words, Lotta. It should be “fastenators” as in, “How the hell is that thing fastened to her head?” ;^D

      1. Nicci

        It isn’t fastened, it is held on by her horns.

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