May 27 2011

Gawker writer deftly illustrates GOP extremism in two sentences

I’ve been catching up on all the internet chatter surrounding Elizabeth Warren‘s appearance before the House of Representatives earlier this week. She’s the Harvard professor and consumer advocate who is leading the creation of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Not sure what the CFPB is? Gawker writer Max Read’s explanation is spot-on:

If you’re a Democrat, the CFPB, created as part of last year’s Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, is supposed to help protect consumers (and prevent another financial crisis) by enforcing federal laws about banks not being total predatory assholes.

If you’re a Republican, the CFPB is a plot by which the Obama administration plans on weakening the financial system in preparation for the introduction of Sharia law.”

Republicans in Congress are universally scared sh*tless by this woman and to me, that’s reason enough for President Obama to appoint her to lead the new agency.

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