May 30 2011

Overdue home office upgrade

The home office/guestroom/hide-junk-zone of the Penthouse Nordic features a huge IKEA desk that runs almost the length of one wall.  The Swede bought it when she started her PhD, and even though it’s probably big enough to accommodate three people who like each other, we rarely use it at the same time. In fact, the combination of our big Hewlett-Packard desktop machine living on one end of it and the various projects-in-progress that are usually scattered across the rest of it means this desk has pretty much been Dr. Darling‘s exclusive domain for as long as I’ve lived here.

The only exception is when I happen to be working from home and need to have multiple documents open, which is a nightmare on the 12-inch screen of my employer-provided Dell laptop.  Hooking it up to the big HP monitor solved part the problem, but I still had to use the laptop’s cramped keyboard … plus it meant the desktop machine couldn’t be used at the same time.  This dilemma, combined with the convenience a 2nd monitor would provide when the Swede was playing around with Photoshop, got us talking about getting one months ago.

From there it was an easy jump to adding a wireless keyboard and mouse that would not only accommodate my dumpy Dell from work, but Eliza (the Samsung mini-laptop I won in a radio contest), my old iBook (which Dr. Darling has adopted for couch-surfing) my 13-inch MacBook and the newest member of the family, an 11-inch MacBook Air picked up in New York last December.


So, after nearly nine years of living with this huge IKEA desk, I finally have a space of my own on it. And in the ultimate irony, the wide-screen monitor and full-size keyboard are such a pleasure to use compared to sitting at the dining room table on the Dell laptop  that my company seems to be the real beneficiary of the investment.

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