Jun 06 2011

Strange Swedish National Day

Happy National Day
Flickr Photo by Magnus Fröderberg
Today is Sweden’s equivalent of the 4th of July, but because it’s only been an official holiday for a couple of years, the celebration is pretty subdued. This was especially the case at our place since Dr. Darling works in Copenhagen, where June 6 is not a holiday.

So the native born Swede spent Sweden’s National Day in Denmark, while the naturalized Swede mopped the kitchen floor, worked out, and gathered info for my brother’s upcoming visit…which will include a trip to Bergen, Norway to see some fjords. At least Dr Darling was home early enough for fika.

But wait, the holiday gets even better! I made beef fajitas for dinner and then spent the better part of the evening following several sites that were live-blogging Apple’s 2011 Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote speech, which, given the fact that this country is one of the most digitally tech-savvy in the world, was probably the most “Swedish” thing I did all day.  ;^P

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