Jul 08 2011

Things my brother did on his summer vacation…

1. Used frequent-flyer miles for a flight to Copenhagan via Toronto
2. Went to a professional soccer match (Malmö FF)
3. Witnessed my marriage
4. Experienced a typical bad-weather southern Sweden Midsummar
5. Celebrated Dr. Darling‘s birthday
6. Drank really great Swedish coffee multiple times per day
7. Toured the world’s “greenest” IKEA store
8. Travelled to Norway (for the 1st time) by overnight ferry
9. Saw 220 life-size sculptures of naked people in Oslo‘s Vigeland Park
10. Marveled at passing mountains and glaciers on a train trip to Bergen
11. Drove a zippy Japanese 4WD rental car around most of the beautiful Hardanger Fjord

12. Explored an underground WWII fortress built by the Nazis during their occupation of Norway
13. Marked US Independence Day & MY birthday by being in 3 different Scandinavian countries in 3 hours
18. Sampled a variety of European beers, chocolate and single malt whiskys
15. Biked all over Malmö and Skåne, including one 70K day-trip through the Swedish Riviera
16. Took a dip in the Öresund Strait and was surprised it was still freezing cold in early July
17. Enjoyed multiple BBQs and al fresco dinners with my multi-national mix of fabulous friends
18. Watched FIFA Women’s World Cup and 2011 Tour de France coverage LIVE without commercial interruption

19. Got several tutorials on iPhone Apps that will allow me to harass him for free in the US
20. Flew back to the US via Amsterdam, which means he arrived home with passport stamps from both the Netherlands & Canada, but none from Denmark, Sweden or Norway

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