Oct 15 2011

Saturday morning mugs

Dr. Darling and I are in the habit of using specific coffee mugs on weekend mornings. I think it started because of size. We have more time to linger and lounge on weekends, so naturally the coffee needs to last longer, too.

What’s harder to explain is why these retro Kellogg’s mugs became exclusive to Saturday morning. And even though they don’t match, they absolutely MUST be used as a pair. This means the “Saturday morning mugs” stay in the cupboard on the alternating Saturdays when Copenhagen’s PhD Postal Carrier is working.


Recently, the industrious Swede has been putting in some extra Saturdays on the job, which means the colorful Kellogg’s mugs haven’t graced our coffee table for nearly a month.

Hello old friends! I’ve missed you and what you signal to me … the start of two full days of hanging out with my Sweetie!


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