Dec 17 2011

The anti-clothes-horse Christmas, courtesy of luggage limits

US-bound Christmas stash

US-bound Christmas stash

Dr. Darling and I are spending a good chunk of this weekend getting organized for our upcoming trip(s) to visit my family in the US for Christmas and New Year’s. I’m flying home this Thursday, while Copenhagen’s PhD Postal Worker will follow on Dec. 26, because evidently Post Denmark can’t function without her on Dec. 23, and who wants to fly on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

So I plan to drag out the suitcases and do some preliminary packing tonight, and if we were travelling together, one bag would be used for our stuff while the other would be given over almost entirely to the stash of goodies and gifts we are taking along (see a sampling above). But since the Swede won’t arrive until after Christmas, I’m going to have to take the bulk of presents with me … which essentially means I’ll be wearing the same outfit for the first four days I’m there. 

But hopefully, the family will be so speeded on Swedish coffee and chocolate that they won’t notice until years from now when they are looking at the pictures and thinking, “Wow, Shazzer really managed to cram in a lot of stuff into a single day!”

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