Jan 03 2012

New Year’s Resolutions I might actually keep…

So, in addition to being a more active blogger on this site, I have also committed to my three standard New Year’s Resolutions, which in the past have generally been kept until late January, mid-February or (at best) early March. Why do I think 2012 will be any different? Because hope springs eternal, after all!

Standard Resolution #1: I will improve my general fitness. I have always been a very active person, but not necessarily a terribly disciplined one.  The exception to this rule would be sports. I will train and practice until the cows come home if there’s a competition involved, or if not doing so would run the risk of letting teammates down with a bad performance.

Why I will keep it: For one thing, Dr. Darling is also on board. Because her job as Copenhagen‘s only PhD postal worker has always been very physical (delivering by bike and running up and down stairs in old buildings with no elevators), she hasn’t really had a need to exercise much over the past four years. But recently, the regulations for mail delivery have changed in Denmark  to the degree that all mailboxes in multi-storied buildings must be located on the ground floor, and those for individual homes must be on the street (rather than attached to the house).

This means the normally hyper-fit Swede is not getting nearly as much exercise “on the job” anymore, and consequently has recognized a need to actually use the gym membership we pay for every month. While I’ve been a little better about going, I am far more likely work out if she’s going, too, and we have vowed to push each other through our natural tendencies toward “slug mode” during the work-week.

For another thing, I have found this fantastic website and iPhone app called “Fleetly” that tracks your fitness activity, encourages friendly competition with other app/website users, and rewards you with virtual badges and medals for various achievements. This combination of competition and social media appeals very strongly to my inner geek, and the fitness tracking is detailed enough to peak Dr. Darling‘s interest in any kind of statistics from which she can create an Excel spreadsheet. (We truly have NO business being together.)

Stay tuned for Standard Resolution #2!

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