Jan 09 2012

New Year’s Resolutions I might actually keep, continued

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Previously on ShazzerSpeak, I mentioned both my renewed commitment to blogging original content and the first of my three standard New Year‘s Resolutions (improving my fitness level) as promises I have a realistic chance of keeping for 2012.

Standard Resolution #2  is to eat healthier and smarter. Why do I think this will be more do-able this year than in previous attempts? Well, for one thing, I find it much easier to be disciplined about what I eat when I’m exercising regularly (See Standard Resolution #1). And for another, my Swede is equally committed to this particular goal.

Which is not to say we’re total junk food hounds by any means. The meals we plan and prepare together almost always contain a majority of the four major food groups! But we both have a well-documented addiction to chocolate that makes it really tough to be strong when only one of us is trying to cut back. This year, I won’t be alone!

Plus, until recently, Dr. Darling‘s job was very physically demanding and that impacted our food choices. Now that Denmark‘s new postal regulations have eliminated the need for mail carriers to climb mountains of stairs every day, I don’t have to serve a heaping helping of pasta or potatoes with dinner every night.

Now I realize that this could read like I’m blaming the Swede for my previous failures in this area (Dr. Darling will most certainly read it that way), but that’s honestly not how I feel. I’m merely acknowledging that my own will-power SUCKS.

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