Jan 19 2012

Do not mess with Sir Richard Attenborough

I was SO looking forward to watching the latest series of  world-renown BBC nature documentaries, Frozen Planet.

Presentation to BBC/Frozen Planet

Image by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via Flickr

We were mesmerized by the original Planet Earth series, to the point that we could not pull ourselves away from the TV one winter Saturday when the Discovery Channel showed all 11 episodes back-to-back. We also enjoyed Blue Planet, which focused on the natural history of oceans. Frozen Planet would surely live up to its predecessors, and we were especially excited to experience the always remarkable cinematography in high-definition on our (relatively) new flat-screen TV.

So when the program showed up on SVT2’s schedule, we set up the DVR to record every gorgeous minute of it. The following conversation took place tonight as we sat down to watch the first episode.

Shazz: It’s in Swedish? Oh crap. The narration is in SWEDISH,

Dr. Daring: (a native Swede, no less): You’re kidding.

Shazz: I wish I was. Why the hell would anyone over-dub Sir Richard Attenborough?!  He’s the voice of the series! This is a freaking travesty.

Dr. Darling: Maybe they thought subtitles would take away too much from the picture.

Shazz: They were wrong. The over-dubbing has totally flattened the music track … the levels are completely off. And the guy doing the Swedish voice-over sounds like he’s bored out of his mind. I cannot believe they over-dubbed Sir Richard Attenborough!

Dr. Darling: We’ll probably be able to catch the original version on the Discovery Channel, eventually.

Shazz: Let’s hope so. This is un-watchable as far as I’m concerned.

Dr. Darling: You’re really unhappy about this, aren’t you.

Shazz: ‘Unhappy’ is not the word for it. I’m completely mortified. Offended even. It’s a BBC nature documentary, for crying out loud, and you don’t screw with narration done by Sir Richard Attenborough, EVER.

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  1. silas

    You ought to be mortified about the fact that you don’t even know the difference between Richard Attenborough and his younger brother David. Kinda makes one wonder how much you could really care about someone screwing with the narration.

    1. Shazzer

      Hi Silas … what makes you think I don’t know the difference between the two? David may be the highly regarded naturalist and British broadcaster, but it’s Richard the actor who narrates the BBC’s “Planet” series. Cheers!

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