Jan 27 2012

Caution, slippery when cold


Salted sidewalk outside the Radio Sweden studios in Malmö.

Old Man Winter‘ has finally decided to make an appearance in southern Sweden, in terms of temperature at least. It’s been below freezing off and on for the better part of a week now, prompting street crews to lay down pretty patterns of salt overnight on what I presume are walkways that are known to give pedestrians trouble when the temperature drops.

I say *presume* because quite frankly, I cannot see any rhyme nor reason as to how the sidewalks that get salted are selected.

For example, on my walk to work this morning, there was plenty of salt on the walkway outside the Malmö studios of Radio Sweden, which is under a portico (hence, completely DRY) that stretches for almost an entire city block. Yet the wide, slightly elevated and much-used pedestrian bridge over Södra Förstadskanalen (one of the city’s many canals), which is fully exposed to the elements all night long, got zero, zip, nada, NONE.

So now I’m wondering if the street crews responsible for salting the sidewalks of Malmö are incompetent, or just have a really evil sense of humor.

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