Feb 06 2012

Deja laundry vu

Though Dr. Darling may beg to differ, we have a fairly even distribution of labor when it comes to household chores getting done at The Penthouse Nordic. We’ve gotten into a comfortable routine that has us each focusing on the tasks we’re best at or mind the least. For example, I do the majority of the meal-planning and cooking while the methodical Swede tackles most of the deep-cleaning jobs and handles our banking and bill-paying.

We take turns with the weekly laundry detail; I do it on the Saturdays that Dr. Darling is working, and she does it on the Mondays of her alternating three-day weekends. Though it’s not exactly even-steven because there are usually 9 days of dirty clothes accumulated for her laundry day and only 5-days worth for mine, which is why I always strip the bed and wash sheets and pillow cases on my Saturdays.

The other inequity to this schedule has to do with the facilities. There are three laundry rooms in the basement of our building, but the quality and efficiency of the equipment varies significantly between them.  The one closest to our apartment (oddly designated as #5 despite being 1 of 3) happens to have the newest washers and tumble dryer, which makes it much in demand … especially on weekends. But because the new-ish high-tech yet pain-in-the-@$$ electronic booking system will only allow us to reserve one laundry room once per week, the Saturday morning slot for No. 5 has invariably been claimed by the time Dr. Darling finishes her turn on Monday.

This means I end up in No. 3, which features one machine so ancient that you have to spin your clean wash in a separate centrifuge before putting it in the equally antique one-temperature-&-timed-cycle-fits-all tumble dryer or hanging them in the drying room. So even though there is less to wash on MY laundry day, it’s a lot more labor-intensive.

This past Monday was Dr. Darling‘s turn, but when I got home from work, something prompted me to inquire how the task had gone that morning. It was an odd question for me to ask … I mean, how much can go wrong in the luxury of Laundry Room No. 5?

“Just fine,” was the answer, followed by: “I was able to reserve the good laundry room for you on Saturday.”

Shazz: Honey! I KNEW you were going to say that!

Dr. Darling: Well I always try to get No. 5, but it’s hardly ever free by the time I’m done.

Shazz: I mean I *knew* you had gotten it today!  It was like a premonition! Sometimes I’m really quite psychic at times.

Dr. Darling: What a shame to have wasted this amazing ability on our laundry booking.

Clearly being psychic does not trump a perennial case of bad timing.

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