Feb 08 2012

I’m fat and it’s not even Tuesday!


First semla of 2012

A colleague decided we needed to have “semlor” for fika today, and who was I to argue with Swedish tradition?

Semlor are basically whipped-cream sandwiches made with unsweetened cardamom-spiced buns that have been spread with almond paste and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They were originally eaten on Shrove Tuesday as a last splurge before the start of Lent, but these days they start showing up in bakeries shortly after the first of the year and are available all the way through Easter.

According to Wikipedia, the average Swede will eat five of them in that time period, and the one I had today is about half the size of a usual semla (the singular form of the Swedish word). I was actually really excited to learn that the bakery behind our office building offers a “mini-version”, because it’s all about the ratio of almond paste to whipped-cream as far as I’m concerned.

This one was pretty much PERFECT.

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