Feb 19 2012

Eggs in avocados, revisited

I finally got around trying the eggs baked in avocado recipe I was so excited about a couple weeks ago and thought I would share what I learned.

First of all, I need to have larger avocados or smaller eggs, because even after scooping out a generous portion of the avocado flesh,  a single egg still spilled over and made a serious mess in my baking pAvocado 91311an.

Secondly, the original recipe‘s instructions said “bake until your eggs are done the way you like them” but gave no indication of how much time it might take to produce a hard yolk verses a soft yolk verses a runny yolk (my personal preference). Consequently, my first attempt produced eggs that were seriously overcooked.

But perhaps most importantly, I discovered that I really don’t like avocado served hot.

Having said that, I do intend to give it another try, mostly because the fact that the yolks ended up hard was such a disappointment that it likely coloured my opinion of the combination. Plus I enjoyed the avocado flesh I scooped out during the prep so much that I am committed to eating more of them with or without eggs.
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