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Mar 29 2012

America’s Best Christian speaks out for the GOP

Betty Bowers was Stephen Colbert before he was.

Mar 27 2012

Charlize can SO rock a ponytail

Charlize Ponytail

I love it when Charlize Theron has a movie to promote. In this case, it’s a dark take on the classic children’s story Snow White, which was never one of my favorites. (I was always a bit skeptical of the whole “rescued by a handsome prince” scenario.) But Snow White and the Huntsman, which tells …

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Mar 25 2012

Annoying Rites of Spring

Sweden (along with most of the rest of Europe) “sprang forward” last night, which means that today is a full hour shorter than it should be. I don’t really understand the point of switching to Daylight Savings Time in this part of the world. The number of daylight hours swings so widely from winter to …

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Mar 23 2012

President Obama locks up the deaf vote

Evidently President Obama surprised a deaf college student recently by signing to him. I don’t care what your politics are, this is pretty damn cool. Related articles Obama Uses Sign Language To Thank Deaf Supporter [Video] ( Deaf Student ‘Speechless’ After Obama Responds To Him In Sign Language (

Mar 22 2012

JC Penny dance flash mob would make Ellen proud

Mar 19 2012

Yet another benefit of same-sex marriage: more proposals at pro sports events

Watch the crowd roar and hearts melt when a woman proposes to her girlfriend at a hockey game in Canada.

Mar 17 2012

There’s an emerald green G&T in my very near future

Because it’s the Penthouse Nordic Tradition for St. Patrick’s Day. Kind of convenient that the holiday fell on a Saturday this year. Saved me from having to remember to wear green to the office, and having to limit myself to just one tall, icy green beauty tonight. Lots of Swedes will be celebrating with a …

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