Mar 25 2012

Annoying Rites of Spring

Sweden (along with most of the rest of Europe) “sprang forward” last night, which means that today is a full hour shorter than it should be. I don’t really understand the point of switching to Daylight Savings Time in this part of the world. The number of daylight hours swings so widely from winter to summer that shifting the clock by an hour has negligible impact on anything. Dr. Darling was especially shafted this time around since today is her only day off this week.

On the upside, this afternoon marks the first time this year it’s been warm enough (on a weekend, at least) for the Swede and I to be able to lounge around in the living room of The Penthouse Nordic with the balcony door open. This has always been a “red star on the calendar” type of day for us, because it generally means winter is well and truly over.

The balcony itself is kind of small, but since it’s cut in to the roof of our six-story apartment building, just opening the door to it somehow makes the whole flat feel as though it’s partially outdoors. And prior to the pair of chimneys moving into the apartment below us last year, we pretty much had the balcony door open whenever we were home right though the 1st of October.

We thought we had gotten lucky today, because the nicotine fiends weren’t home (or dare I dream that they actually kicked the habit over the winter?) and the fresh breeze coming into the living room was so lovely.

And then we learned that another neighbor seems to have taken up the accordian.

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  1. Lou Lou

    Well Dr Darling isn’t the only one shafted by daylight savings, I just read in DN that in the next 2 weeks, about 30 Swedes will die of a heart-attack being directly related to the stress of switching the clock back. Unbelievable! Apparently it’s stressful the world over too… who would have thought. Good luck with Astor Piazzola, I hope at least he can carry a tune.

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