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Apr 24 2012

Somebody needs to make me this …


I’ve got a milestone birthday coming up on July 4. The Swede probably ought to get started NOW.

Apr 22 2012

There must be more mayo!


When I lived in the US, I fell squarely in the Miracle Whip camp when it came to the debate over which eggs & oil-based condiment was better on sandwiches. But Miracle Whip is not commonly available in Sweden (though we can buy it in the regular grocery store in Copenhagen for some reason), so I have learned to …

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Apr 19 2012

Reason No. 347 why I love in the internet

I don’t know much about “the dance” but I have always had a healthy appreciation for people who can move. Plus my oldest niece was part of a competitive dance team in high school, so I tend to “tune-in” whenever I come across something potentially interesting on the dance-front. When this video of gravity-defying dub-stepper …

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Apr 17 2012

Under-appreciated breakfast art

Oatmeal Heart

Because the Ph.D postal worker’s “day at the office” starts WAY earlier than mine, we don’t see much of each other on work-day mornings. I’m rarely out of bed before she leaves (often before 5 a.m.) unless I happen to be heading to the gym (and that’s a really big IF), in which case we …

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Apr 14 2012

Dear China, no Titanic 3-D Kate Winslet boobs for you!


“Titanic 3-D” has landed in Swedish theaters, and while I endured the cheesy love story in the original film several times due to my fascination with the ship and my love of Kate Winslet, I have no plans to see it this time around. Normally I would be able to blame Dr. Darling, who is …

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Apr 13 2012

These BLT-flavored chips are commanding me to find them


I haven’t seen these in Sweden yet, but THEY WILL BE MINE.

Apr 12 2012

“Sushi Night” from the spicy tuna roll’s perspective

I don’t know why I find this video so charming, maybe because it captures a place and a vibe so vividly. A guy takes his iPhone, hits record on the video camera and places it on the sushi conveyor belt at a popular Tel Aviv sushi bar. So simple, and so perfect. It makes me …

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