Apr 14 2012

Dear China, no Titanic 3-D Kate Winslet boobs for you!

“Titanic 3-D” has landed in Swedish theaters, and while I endured the cheesy love story in the original film several times due to my fascination with the ship and my love of Kate Winslet, I have no plans to see it this time around. Normally I would be able to blame Dr. Darling, who is rarely willing to spend the money (around $15 US) to see a movie in a theater, but in this case it’s more about my monocular status. 3-D just doesn’t work very well when you only have one eye.

Kate Winslet in TitanicBut if I could see 3-D, I’d imagine that the “Jack-draws-Rose-nude” scene would be a highlight I wouldn’t want to miss. And if you feel the same way, don’t bother going to see it in China, because the censors there decided that part of the film needed to be edited to only show the fair Ms .Winslet from the neck up.

Now you’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “Shazz … what did you expect? China does not exactly have a sterling record when it comes to free expression.” And you’d have a valid point.

But get this: The reason given for the “boob block” was not due to any perceived obscenity, but rather that movie-goers could possibly be inspired to reach out and touch them, and doing so would disrupt other viewers. YEAH, RIGHT.

Needless to say, Chinese fans are not pleased. One supposedly wrote on a Chinese message board that he’d been waiting almost 15 years for the re-release of the movie, “and not for 3-D icebergs.”  LOL!


  1. Katy

    You guys are all major perverts. This is a true romantic scene that in it’s early days was juged fairly for it’s artistic quality NOT NUDITY! Come on people if you want boobs and buts just buy a playboy magazine but for you to write something like this you must be embarassing Ms. Winslet herself. I agree with the people of China times have changed and people don’t know how to appreciate good art. This movie is not some sex chick-flick and I am really dissapointed in how uneducated out society is.

    1. Shazzer

      Thanks for the comment, Katy, but I’m not sure who you are referring to when you say the “You guys are all major perverts.” According to the article I linked to, Chinese fans themselves are unhappy with the censorship of the scene, especially for the “official” reason given: that audience members might distract other patrons by reaching out to touch Kate’s Golden Globes. I don’t know Ms. Winslet personally, but based on every interview I’ve ever seen or read, I feel pretty confident that she found the censors’ reasoning just as funny as I did. ;^)

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