Apr 19 2012

Reason No. 347 why I love in the internet

I don’t know much about “the dance” but I have always had a healthy appreciation for people who can move. Plus my oldest niece was part of a competitive dance team in high school, so I tend to “tune-in” whenever I come across something potentially interesting on the dance-front.

When this video of gravity-defying dub-stepper Marquese Scott turned up on BuzzFeed, I figured I’d score some “Cool Aunt” points by passing it along to Niece No. 1. (And I’m pretty sure that part worked.) The moves are remarkable, especially when you consider that the performance is completely free-styled and shot in one take.

What I didn’t figure was how obsessed I would become with the song. It’s called “Feel the Love” by British producer Rudimental featuring some incredible vocals by John Newman, and I very quickly found the original video on YouTube, which charmed me even more. There’s something about the juxtaposition of horseback riding with wild abandon in a gritty Philadelphia neighborhood that I find very moving.

Unfortunately the song itself isn’t going to be released until May 28, which means I had to do a bit of technological wizardry to get it on my iPhone. Because this song HAD TO BE ON MY iPhone IMMEDIATELY.

Welcome to my summer anthem of 2012.

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