May 12 2012

Testing SoundCloud for audio blogging

This is my first attempt at using the SoundCloud to put audio into the blog. I wanted to see how labor intensive it is, as well as how the various players render. This is the Flash player:

Pan flute buskers at Gustav Adolfs Torg, Malmö, Sweden by shazzerspeak

I recorded these guys playing on one of the city’s main squares during my walk home for work yesterday using the iOS app in my iPhone 4S. To be honest, I’m kind of amazed at the quality.

This is the HTML5 player:

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Ellen

    Both work fine on my Android phone, though the Flash player requires that I click a green bordered empty box to load the player, while the html5 is just sitting there, ready to go. I’m used to that but it sure is nice to know right away that it’s a soundcloud player with the html5 version.

  2. Shazzer

    Thanks for the feedback, Ellen! I think the Flash player looks a little better in a standard browser, but the functionality of the HTML5 is superior. I really like the way all the share buttons come up at the end.

  3. Dude

    COOL!! i was able to click and play, first try…and you know how low-tech I am!!!

    1. Shazzer

      Awesome, Dude!

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