Jun 20 2012

Let Shazz Eat Cake!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of my move from the midwestern United States to Sweden, and when I happened to casually mentioned this to my work colleagues yesterday afternoon, they thought it sounded like an excellent occasion for cake, which I took to mean that they’re glad I came.  😀

So I baked an American-style lemon loaf cake last night (primarily because I knew I’d be able to strap a loaf pan to the rack on my bicycle) and it was inhaled so quickly during fika this afternoon that I only managed to get a very tiny piece for myself. But given that this was just the first of multiple cake-worthy occasions coming my way over the next two weeks, and the fact that lemon loaf cake ranks somewhere in the lower-middle of my personal cake preference scale, I wasn’t too bothered by this.

Next in the celebration line-up is Swedish Midsummer Day, which is always moved to the Saturday closest to the Summer Solstice but then actually celebrated on the “Eve” of that day (did you get that?), meaning the national party falls on June 22 this year. Midsummer is the biggest holiday in Sweden after Christmas (“Jul”), but because my Swede works in Denmark where it’s not on the calendar at all, we will be celebrating it on Saturday the 23rd.

In this case the “cake” will be Strawberry Shortcake, an appropriate American twist on the traditional Swedish Midsummer strawberry dessert. This event is likely to turn into a wedding anniversary party around midnight since Dr. Darling and I will have survived our first year of marriage on the 24th. (Cake Occasion #3.) Then it’s two days off until the Swede’s birthday on the 26th, which will be followed by a full week’s respite from cake until my birthday on the 4th of July.

July 4th will mark the last of the cake occasions that either Dr. Darling or I are directly responsible for, but then the Alpha Geek … father of our adorable Goddaughter and my best friend in Sweden … turns another year older on July 7, so it’s pretty likely that there will be some kind of cake consumed on that date, too.

Damn, it’s a good thing I like cake.

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