Jun 24 2012

Badly Dancing Matt is back!

Matt Harding, the world-traveler who accidentally produced one of the internet’s first viral videos back in 2005 by capturing himself dancing badly in front of globally recognizable landmarks, is back with another masterpiece.

It’s been four years since his last effort when he invited people to dance with him and they turned out in droves. I actually got an e-mail from him announcing that he was going to be in Stockholm during Midsummer, but with only 3-days notice there was no way I could up there in time to join him. (I did watch the filming live on the Sergels Torg webcam, however.)

After releasing the resulting video in 2008, I guess he took some time off to do some regular grown-up stuff like become a father. But he was back on the road in 2010 and 2011, this time with actual choreography!

It’s like the web has given me an anniversary gift. Enjoy.

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