Jun 27 2012

“Gay Oreo” fuels hate as well as junk-food fantasies

Evidently the Gay Pride-themed Oreo image that the company itself posted to its Oreo Brand Facebook page earlier this week has prompting some narrow-minded folks to call for a boycott of Kraft Foods. Given the breadth of their product portfolio, all I can say is, “Yeah, good luck with that.” Oh, and also, “Idiots.”

Kraft Foods US Brands

Kraft Foods US Brands

On the other side of the rainbow spectrum (pun very much intended), there’s also a campaign among cookie lovers to have Nabisco actually produce the six-layer Gay Oreo for realz.

Now for me personally, that would be WAY too much cream-filling as the ration of filling to crunchy chocolate wafer should never exceed 2:3. (Seriously, I have always preferred the originals to Double Stufs, and YES, I HATE that they spell “stuff” with only one “f”.)┬áBut hey, I can see how some people would totally be into it and you can click the image below to sign the petition if you’re one of them.

On the other had, if a picture of a rainbow-filled Oreo created in Photoshop is making homophobes wig out this much, just imagine what an actual Pride-themed Oreo cookie would do.

I think I’ll sign the petition after all.

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